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terça-feira, janeiro 10

PC: O Retorno da Rainha - Abandono

Oi lindinha, desculpe qualquer demora.


1) Sweet child o' mine - Cover por Jasmine Thompson
(Canção original por Guns N' Roses)

She takes me away to that special place / And if I stare too long I'd probably break down and cry / Oh, oh, oh, oh! Sweet child o' mine / Sweet love of mine / Where do we go? / Where do we go now?

2)Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I will never let you fall / I'll stand up with you forever / I'll be there for you through it all / Even if saving you it sends me to heaven

3) Safe And Sound - Taylor Swift Feat. The Civil Wars

Just close your eyes / The sun is going down / You'll be alright / No one can hurt you now / Come morning light / You and I'll be safe and sound

4) In My Arms - Plumb 

Your baby blues / So full of wonder / Your curly cues / Your contagious smile / And as I watch You start to grow up / All I can do is hold you tight / (...) My heart is torn just in knowing / You'll someday see the truth from lies / Castles, they might crumble / Dreams may not come true / But you are never all alone 'Cause I will always / Always love you


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